Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    The Need to Regulate Tourist Accommodations in Galicia

    The Institute of Studies and Development of Galicia at the University of Santiago (IDEGA) highlights the need to regulate tourist accommodations in Galicia due to their “remarkable growth” and the existence of “illegal” offerings. According to the report “A Economía Galega Informe 2022” presented in Santiago, these “illegal” accommodations represent a risk for both the real estate market and the social fabric of the affected cities.

    The authors of the report emphasize that the increase in tourist accommodations introduces a disruptive element in the sector, as they compete with legal accommodations. Therefore, they demand agile and decisive measures to regulate the sector and prevent harmful practices for the territorial model. They also urge politicians and public administrators to plan and manage tourism in a sustainable and real-time manner.

    Furthermore, they warn that the proliferation of these accommodations represents a significant challenge for many Galician cities, as there is a parallel market of illegal tourist accommodations that threatens the real estate market and urban sustainability. The negative effects of unregulated tourism include noise, displacement of local residents, and touristification. In the long run, this can lead to the destruction of the local social fabric that supports urban life.

    In the case of Santiago, there is mention of a “real estate squeeze” and the presence of a platform with the same number of listings per thousand inhabitants as in Berlin or London. This particularly affects students, who are forced to seek housing in more distant areas of the cities.

    The report also mentions that the number of municipalities without bank branches has increased to 54, putting over 67,000 Galicians at risk of financial exclusion. As for housing demand, a recessive outlook was observed earlier this year.

    – Institute of Studies and Development of Galicia at the University of Santiago (IDEGA) – Report “A Economía Galega Informe 2022”