Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
    The Park of Innovation: Buenos Aires’ New Silicon Valley

    The Park of Innovation is set to become one of the most prominent areas in the northern corridor of Buenos Aires. This new Silicon Valley will feature office buildings, luxury residences, a five-star hotel, and an educational hub. The second-to-last plot of land is currently up for sale with a base price of $21.3 million. The final plot is expected to be sold before the end of the year. So far, more than $250 million has been raised from land sales in the Park of Innovation.

    Managed by the Ministry of Economic Development, the project spans a total area of 60,000m2. The park will house offices, a commercial center, universities, and residential buildings, mostly intended for temporary rentals. An additional 120,000m2 will be allocated to foster interaction among key players in the field of innovation.

    The auction for the second-to-last plot will take place on October 2nd and has generated significant interest due to the park’s potential and its location in the fast-growing Northern Corridor of Buenos Aires. Prominent institutions such as the University of Buenos Aires, the National Technological University, and the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology have already acquired parcels in the Park of Innovation.

    Furthermore, a luxury residential complex combined with a five-star hotel, named Udaondo, has been announced. This project will be built on a plot of over 16,000m2, with a total investment of $330 million. Its strategic location and exclusive design make it one of the most outstanding developments in Buenos Aires.

    With its diverse entities, new residential spaces, and key connections, the Park of Innovation is an attractive place for companies looking to invest in the area. It is estimated that around 30,000 people will pass through the area daily, including employees, students, and residents. The project also includes a healthcare area and an amphitheater.

    With the creation of the Park of Innovation, Buenos Aires positions itself as a leader in innovation and technological development, solidifying its place as a new Silicon Valley.

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