Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    The PP government acquires a building for public housing using the tanteo y retracto tool

    The Partido Popular (PP) has made the decision to use a tool that it has criticized on numerous occasions: the tanteo y retracto (right of first refusal). The new government in the Generalitat Valenciana, now led by the PP, has acquired an entire building of apartments for over 18 million euros to expand its public housing supply.

    This action has generated controversy, as it is the first time that a PP government has resorted to tanteo y retracto to acquire private property. However, the government argues that this is a necessary measure due to the housing emergency and to prevent tenants from being left without a home when their protected rental contracts expire for a property owned by a fund.

    In 2020, the PP lodged an appeal with the Constitutional Court against the decree-law that expanded public housing in the Valencian Community through tanteo y retracto. However, the Constitutional Court rejected the appeal, considering that there is an urgent need for access to housing for the most vulnerable groups.

    Although the purchase of the building has now been formalized, the Local Government Board already approved in July the exercise of the preferential right to purchase in order to incorporate this new asset into the municipal public housing stock. The building has 131 apartments of different sizes, as well as parking spaces and bicycle parking.

    It is important to note that the building is newly constructed and the apartments are fully equipped with high-quality materials. In addition, energy efficiency has been prioritized, including high-efficiency air conditioning systems.

    This acquisition by the PP has sparked debate and criticism from other administrations, but the government defends it as a necessary measure to guarantee access to housing in the Valencian Community.

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