Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    The recently sold Rockefeller mansion in Manhattan

    The recently sold Rockefeller mansion in Manhattan’s Upper East Side has left everyone amazed. This historic residence, previously owned by the late billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller, offers the perfect combination of historical splendor and modernity.

    With approximately 100 years of history, the mansion underwent a complete renovation by renowned architect Steven Harris and designer Miles Redd. The renovation even involved raising some ceilings through excavations.

    The impressive colonial Renaissance-style property spans 1,100 square meters indoors, with eight rooms spread across five levels. Additionally, it features 325 square meters of outdoor space, divided between a front and back patio.

    The interior of the Rockefeller mansion still retains original details, such as the yellow wallpaper in the main salon. One can also find a wood-paneled living room, a mirrored dining room, and three kitchens, one of which is for staff use.

    But the exclusivity of this mansion does not stop at the interior. Outside, the fortunate owners can enjoy a sauna, a gym, and a sports simulator. Furthermore, there is a 100 square meter room inside, perfect for those who wish to train in a stadium-like environment.

    Although modern details have been incorporated, such as an elevator that spans all five floors and state-of-the-art systems for climate control and audiovisual entertainment, the Rockefeller mansion still preserves its classic charm in every corner.

    This architectural gem, sold for 57 million euros, is undoubtedly a dream of opulence and exclusivity come true. The Rockefeller mansion in Manhattan represents the epitome of luxury and distinction in one of New York’s most iconic locations.

    – Modlin Group