Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    The Rental Law: A Controversial Issue in Society

    The Rental Law has generated a great deal of controversy in society, due to the expiration of contracts and the scarcity of available properties. The delay in modifying or suspending this law has caused uncertainty among citizens.

    Gervasio Muñoz, spokesperson for Inquilinos Agrupados, points out that the delay is due to several reasons, including political instability and pressure exerted by the real estate market to reassess the law. According to Muñoz, the real estate sector is one of the main drivers behind the termination of this law.

    Regarding who benefits from the Rental Law, Muñoz affirms that the 3-year term benefits tenants, as well as the annual update and the responsibility of landlords to pay extraordinary expenses and repairs. Additionally, the fact that municipal and provincial taxes are the responsibility of the landlords also benefits tenants. The establishment of an index that takes into account inflation and wages at a national level is also beneficial for tenants.

    On the other hand, Muñoz argues that those who consider this law to be “bad” are those who want it to have appropriate wording for the real estate market. In the proposed project, contracts would have a duration of 2 years, which benefits real estate agencies who would receive payments every 24 months instead of every 36. Additionally, rent increases would occur every four months, without an established index.

    In conclusion, it is necessary to deepen the debate and understand that the opposition to the Rental Law for three years aimed to favor real estate agencies, who drafted the bill.

    Source: – Note based on information provided by Canal E and statements from Gervasio Muñoz, spokesperson for Inquilinos Agrupados.