Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    The Royal Family’s Hunting Tradition: A Legacy in Transition

    The Royal Family has a long-standing tradition of hunting that dates back centuries. It all began with William the Conqueror, who established the New Forest as a royal hunting reserve in 1079. Since then, hunting has become a beloved pastime for many members of the royal family.

    Throughout history, there have been notable hunting expeditions by the royal family. King George V famously killed 1,000 pheasants in a single day during a hunt in 1913. Queen Elizabeth’s father, George VI, spent his last day hunting hares at Sandringham. In 1961, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip went tiger hunting in India, which caused controversy due to Prince Philip’s later role as president of the World Wildlife Fund.

    Currently, the family hunts grouse at Balmoral in August and practices bird hunting at Sandringham on Boxing Day. However, their hunting practices have faced increasing criticism, especially in light of the King’s commitment to conservation and the environment.

    Prince William and Duchess Kate have already introduced their son, Prince George, to the tradition, taking him to witness his first hunt at the age of five. This decision has received public backlash, questioning the appropriateness of involving a young child in hunting activities.

    While Prince Harry grew up in a hunting family and participated in the annual Boxing Day hunt, he has not hunted since 2018. According to primatologist and environmentalist Dame Jane Goodall, she believes that Prince Harry will stop hunting due to his wife Meghan’s disapproval of the practice.

    As the largest landowners in the United Kingdom, the Royal Family still has access to vast hunting grounds in Scotland. This includes the 50,000-acre Balmoral estate and a private grouse moor in Corgarff.

    Overall, the hunting tradition is deeply rooted in the Royal Family, and each generation faces changing public attitudes towards this practice. While some members have shown signs of distancing themselves from hunting, others continue to embrace it as part of their heritage and recreation.

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