Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    The Sudden Closure of Princeton Care Center Leaves Families in Distress

    The Princeton Care Center, the only long-term care facility in Princeton, closed its doors abruptly on Friday, causing anguish for families who had loved ones living there. Families received calls on Friday morning, notifying them that the facility would be closing by the end of the day. Some families were not informed by the facility itself, but rather by their loved ones who were living there. This sudden closure left families with the urgent task of finding new nursing homes for their loved ones on the same day.

    Representatives from the New Jersey Department of Health and the Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman were present at the Princeton Care Center on Friday afternoon. The facility has been family-owned since 1985 and provided various services such as rehabilitation, hospice, subacute care, and long-term care. It also had a dedicated wing for South Asian residents. The facility accepted Medicare and Medicaid patients.

    Attempts to interview the management of the facility were unsuccessful, as the reporter was denied entry and asked to leave the property. Employees reported that they had not been paid for the week and were owed two weeks of pay. There was reportedly a deal in place to sell the facility, but it fell through.

    Families were given a limited number of options for relocating their loved ones, with many of them being owned or operated by Allaire Health Services. The administrator of the Princeton Care Center sent an email to residents’ families and staff, stating that the closure was due to financial hardship. State investigators were present at the facility, and families were seen packing up their parents’ rooms and belongings.

    The sudden closure of the Princeton Care Center has caused significant distress for families and residents alike. The state was also caught off guard by the closure and is working to help families find suitable alternatives for their loved ones.