Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    The Timeless Sophistication of Preppy Interior Design

    Preppy interior design is a timeless and sophisticated style that combines classic and traditional elements with a touch of wit and creativity. Originating from the “preppy” or “prep” culture in the United States, which can be traced back to northeastern preparatory schools and Ivy League universities, the preppy aesthetic has evolved over time to include modern elements while maintaining its elegant essence.

    Distinctive features of preppy interior design include monogrammed textiles, jute rugs, wicker furniture, and playful motifs. Classic patterns such as stripes, animal prints, cashmere, and geometric shapes are also fundamental. When decorating in a preppy style, it is important to select a light and bright color palette, with a base of whites or creams and accents of pastel tones. Mixing and matching patterns is encouraged to add visual interest.

    To achieve the preppy look, consider incorporating decorative elements that never go out of style. Cozy rugs made of natural materials like sisal, wool, and jute are a good starting point. Monogrammed bath towels, sheets, or shower curtains, as well as trimmings with wavy edges, add a personalized touch. Blue and white ginger jars, as well as rattan and wicker furniture, bring depth and warmth to the space.

    To help you get started with preppy interior design, here are six affordable and beautiful elements:

    1. Monogram Bare Cotton Bath Towels – $29.04
    2. Weaving Village Jute Rug – $42
    3. Repreconf Buffalo Checkerboard Plaid Blanket – $39.99
    4. Slopehill Embroidery Kit – $8.99

    These items offer a range of preppy style elements, from monogrammed towels to edged jute rugs, plaid blankets, and embroidery kits for personalized decoration. Incorporating these pieces into your home will help you create a polished, comfortable, and sophisticated space.

    – Shivani Vyas, interior designer and owner of Studio Vyas
    – Nathan Thompson, interior designer and founder of Luza Lights