Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Tickers to Watch: From Amazon to Clorox – Stocks in the Spotlight

    In today’s stock market news, several tickers are catching the attention of investors. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable stocks that are making headlines:

    First on our list is Amazon (AMZN), the e-commerce giant. Reports suggest that the company is considering hiring Panos Panay, who is set to depart from Microsoft (MSFT) as the Windows and Surface chief. Both Amazon and Microsoft are holdings of CNBC Investing Club.

    Next up, Barclays has reported that iPhone units are down by 5% year over year. However, Apple (AAPL) has refuted this claim, stating that demand is surpassing supply. Despite the discrepancy, the buy rating for Apple remains unchanged.

    Salesforce (CRM) is another stock worth mentioning. Citi has recapped the company, describing its recent developments as incremental rather than transformational. Salesforce is also part of the CNBC Investing Club’s portfolio.

    Moving on to the travel industry, Carnival (CCL) receives a “hold” rating from Truist, which proved to be a good call. Royal Caribbean (RCL), on the other hand, has been upgraded from “hold” to “buy.” Is this indicative of a fundamental improvement in the travel sector?

    Planet Fitness (PLNT) has received a devastating downgrade from JPMorgan, moving from a “buy” to a “hold” rating due to a reduction in store growth.

    Intuit (INTU), the financial software company, is reportedly looking to acquire expense management firm Bill Holdings (BILL). This move signals Intuit’s desire to expand its offerings in the financial sector.

    Splunk (SPLK) has seen positive developments, with Citi raising its price target from $117 to $125 per share. The company’s CEO, Gary Steele, has been praised for his excellent management skills.

    SentinelOne (S) saw its price target increase to $18 per share. Despite putting itself up for sale in the past without any buyers, the company is considered neutral and not seen as a noteworthy investment.

    On the downside, Clorox (CLX) has had its price target cut by Wells Fargo from $150 to $140 per share. The rating remains as “underweight” (sell).

    Lastly, B&G Foods (BGS) has had its price target reduced by TD Cowen from $10 to $9.50 per share, with an “underperform” (sell) rating.

    These stocks are just a few examples of the tickers generating interest in the market today. For a comprehensive list of stocks in CNBC Investing Club’s portfolio and for more insights into the market, you can sign up for Jim Cramer’s Top 10 Morning Thoughts on the Market email newsletter for free.

    – Tickers: Tickers refer to the symbols or abbreviations used to identify specific stocks or assets in the financial markets.
    – Portfolio: A portfolio is a collection of investments held by an individual or an organization.
    – Rating: A rating is an evaluation of a stock or investment’s potential for return and risk.

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