Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Top Real Estate Sales in the Area

    A list of some of the recent top real estate sales in the area has been released, showcasing the high demand for properties in the region.

    The property located at 5 Old Farm Road was sold for an impressive $1,237,018. The buyers, Gregory and Heidi Holbrow, are excited about their new home and look forward to the opportunities the area has to offer. The sellers, Neil and Emily Hamel, are pleased with the outcome of the sale and wish the Holbrows all the best.

    Another notable sale is the property at 32 Spruce Street, which was sold to Ravi and Kalpana Kisari. The couple is thrilled with their new purchase and is eager to settle into their new neighborhood. The previous owners, Mohankumar Srinivasareddy and Pruthvi Gopal, are happy to have found suitable buyers for their property.

    John and Lisa LeBlanc, along with Lisa Figueirdo, sold their property at 30 Magnolia Drive. The buyers, Maulikkumar and Yesha Patel, are excited about their new home and are looking forward to making it their own. The sellers are glad that the Patels will be taking over the property and hope they will enjoy it as much as they did.

    Another noteworthy sale is the property at 27 Primrose Circle, which sold for an impressive $1,230,000. The buyers, Satyapal Kondakindi and Navya Lenkala, are thrilled with their new home and are excited to explore the community. The sellers, Satyendra and Manjusha Divvela, feel that they have found the perfect buyers for their property and wish the Kondakindis all the best.

    Lastly, a property at 16 McNeil Circle, Unit 39, was sold to Debra Young. Young is looking forward to making the unit her own and is excited about the amenities available in the complex. The previous owner, Selina Paolucci, is happy to have found a buyer who appreciates the unit and wishes Young all the best in her new home.

    These recent real estate sales demonstrate the thriving market in the area and the high demand for properties. With buyers eager to find their dream homes and sellers achieving successful sales, the real estate market in the region continues to flourish.

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