Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Transforming a Kitchen in Dover: A Captivating and Functional Design

    Interior designer Nicole Hirsch has accomplished an impressive transformation in a kitchen in Dover, highlighting the picturesque hillside view. This redesigned space not only pays tribute to the surrounding landscape, but also incorporates elegant materials with an earthy touch.

    The client was captivated by the Super White quartz slabs found at Marble and Granite in Westwood. The cabinets, crafted by Bespoke de Winchester, exemplify clean lines that seamlessly integrate with the traditional elements of the house. The combination of modern and traditional accents creates a harmonious balance throughout the space.

    The focal point of the room is undoubtedly the custom-made matte brass hood, created by Costa Fabrications in Framingham. Crafted from a single sheet of metal, this hood combines the richness of its color with the beauty of the gray stone. Hirsch comments, “We love the combination and how it creates a visual impact.”

    To soften the edges of the room, Hirsch rounded one end of the narrow island, adding a beautiful detail to the space. The curvaceous Powell & Bonnell stools were carefully selected to echo the top of the island without obstructing it. The hardware, provided by Armac Martin, is recessed and provides graphic interest without protruding. Hirsch explains, “With so many drawers, we wanted hardware that wouldn’t interrupt the clean lines.”

    Another striking feature of the kitchen is the artwork commissioned to Alexandra Squire, who created an installation of resin-covered blocks with metallic golden tones and muted purples. These colors are drawn from the corner breakfast nook rug, creating a cohesive design throughout the space.

    The sculptural lamps by Allied Maker with frosted white glass shades not only reinforce the curve of the island’s top, but also add a touch of brass to the room. This addition complements the matte brass hood without overshadowing it.

    Overall, the redesigned kitchen in Dover is a testament to the harmony between elegant design and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Nicole Hirsch successfully incorporated timeless elements while infusing the space with modern touches, resulting in a truly captivating and functional kitchen.

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