Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Tu Futuro Expands Its Financial Literacy Program to Additional Markets Across the United States

    Tu Futuro, a financial literacy program and platform designed to teach finance basics to Spanish-speaking Latinos, is expanding its reach to new markets across the country. With the support of Wells Fargo, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce (HISCEC), and Univision/Entravision, Tu Futuro has expanded to Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, and Texas.

    Over the past two years, Tu Futuro has provided Southern California Latinos with valuable financial resources at no cost. The program has helped them with home ownership, closing the digital divide, and participating actively in the digital economy. Additionally, Tu Futuro has focused on building a sustainable Latino community by promoting climate resiliency strategies and advancing environmental justice.

    Tayde Aburto, President & CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, emphasizes the power of knowledge in empowerment. Through Tu Futuro, the program is not only teaching finance but also sparking transformative journeys for individuals, families, and businesses. Together with Wells Fargo and other partners, the program is building a legacy of financial wisdom and resilience for Latino communities.

    Tu Futuro, led by HISCEC and supported by Wells Fargo, has been instrumental in bridging knowledge gaps in finance for the Latino community, particularly for small business owners. Univision and Entravision, proud media partners of the program, amplify its reach and impact.

    Jenny Flores, head of Small Business Growth Philanthropy for Wells Fargo Foundation, highlights Wells Fargo’s commitment to small businesses, financial health, homeownership, and wealth creation. The support of Tu Futuro aligns with this dedication as it inspires, educates, and cultivates brighter financial futures for countless Latino families.

    Some of the key benefits offered by Tu Futuro include empowered decision-making through financial education, access to robust digital resources to reduce the digital divide, streamlined access to capital and tailored retirement planning resources for long-term economic sustainability, and culturally relevant resources in Spanish.

    For more information about Tu Futuro, please visit www.tufuturofinanzas.com.

    – Business Wire
    – Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce