Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Utah Grandmother Swallows AirPod Instead of Vitamins

    A Utah grandmother had a shocking mishap when she accidentally swallowed her husband’s AirPod Pro instead of her vitamins while engrossed in a conversation. Tanna Barker, 52, shared her incident in a viral TikTok video that has been viewed over 2.1 million times.

    According to Barker, the mishap occurred while she was on a walk and ran into a friend. Distracted by their conversation, she mistakenly consumed her husband’s left AirPod Pro, thinking it was her vitamins. She only realized her mistake when she noticed the pills were still in her hand after bidding farewell to her friend.

    After returning home in shock, Barker tearfully recounted the incident to her husband, who advised her not to tell anyone. However, she decided to share the story with her TikTok followers and sought advice from friends and family in the medical field.

    Barker has been advised by medical professionals to let the AirPod pass naturally since it is encased and the battery shouldn’t cause any issues. She has been monitoring the situation and her bowel movements, following the guidance of a doctor who suggested seeking medical attention if she experiences fever, a hard stomach, or nausea.

    Commenters on TikTok expressed their shock and curiosity about the functionality of the AirPod inside Barker’s body. While the AirPod still seemed to work initially, it later became disconnected. Despite the distressing ordeal, Barker has maintained her sense of humor and appreciated the support and kindness she received.

    This incident serves as a reminder to be mindful while multitasking and to stay focused on what we are ingesting. Barker’s story highlights the importance of humor and finding the support of others during unusual circumstances.


    • AirPod: Wireless earphones manufactured by Apple.
    • TikTok: Social media platform for sharing short videos.