Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Willmar City Council Approves Amendments to Purchase Agreement for Land Development

    The Willmar City Council has approved amendments to the purchase agreement for city-owned land, which was initially intended for a tiny home development. Due to the high costs associated with soil corrections and construction materials, the development will now likely be for multi-family housing instead.

    Real estate agent Justin Paffrath had hoped to construct a tiny home development on four lots located on 14th Avenue Southeast. However, after discussions and closed sessions, it was decided that the development plans needed to be altered. The amended agreement allows Paffrath to purchase three of the lots at a reduced cost of $1,000 per lot, with the fourth lot, which has a wetland and stormwater pond, being retained by the city.

    During the council meetings, councilors Audrey Nelsen and Tom Butterfield raised questions about the amendments to the purchase agreement. While initially hesitant, they ultimately agreed to the changes. The specific details of the closed sessions were not disclosed to the public.

    The decision to shift towards multi-family housing reflects the challenges and realities faced by developers and local authorities. The costs associated with soil corrections and construction materials have made the original tiny home development economically unfeasible. This change allows for a more viable and sustainable development that can address the housing needs of the community.

    The amended purchase agreement demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of the Willmar City Council in finding alternative solutions. By accommodating changes, they are ensuring that land development aligns with the current market conditions and the needs of the city.

    – Tiny home development: a community or neighborhood consisting of small-sized houses, usually ranging from 100 to 400 square feet, designed to maximize space efficiency.
    – Multi-family housing: residential buildings or complexes that are designed to accommodate multiple households, such as apartments or condominiums.

    – Willmar City Council
    – Contributed / City of Willmar