Tue. Nov 28th, 2023
    Hyundai’s Samarth Initiative: Driving Inclusivity for People with Disabilities

    Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is pioneering a transformative initiative to create a more inclusive society for people with disabilities in India. Recognizing the importance of raising awareness and promoting sensitivity towards physical challenges, Hyundai has launched the ‘Samarth’ program. This groundbreaking project marks Hyundai as the first automobile company in India to embark on an inclusive mobility endeavor on such a large scale.

    With over 26.8 million differently-abled individuals in the country, the need to foster a society that understands and supports their unique abilities is crucial. Aiming to bridge this gap, Hyundai has partnered with NGOs, media networks, and organizations such as the GoSports Foundation and Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled. Together, they will create a mass movement towards building a more inclusive, level-playing field for all.

    Through ‘Samarth’, Hyundai envisions leveraging technology, partnerships, product innovations, and storytelling to catalyze change. By aligning their dealerships and networks to become more inclusive, Hyundai aims to improve accessibility and enhance the overall customer experience. This initiative also extends to the digital realm, where Hyundai is actively working to make their website differently-abled friendly, ensuring equal access for all.

    Additionally, Hyundai is committed to transforming 100% of its dealerships and workshops into wheelchair-accessible spaces by February 2024. The company is developing innovative solutions such as Swivel Seats and accessories in collaboration with MOBIS to enhance the driving experience for differently-abled individuals.

    Furthermore, Hyundai and the GoSports Foundation are launching an exclusive program to provide holistic support to para-athletes in India. This initiative will offer assistance to athletes in both team and individual sports, empowering them to reach their full potential.

    In a bid to promote physical and social development among visually impaired individuals, HMIL and Samarthanam will support blind cricket as a platform. This includes organizing various training camps at grassroots and national levels, as well as hosting the International Bilateral series for the National Blind cricket team.

    Hyundai’s ‘Samarth’ initiative is not just about creating awareness but fostering a society that recognizes the true capabilities of differently-abled individuals. Through their dedication to diversity, equality, and social responsibility, Hyundai is contributing to the creation of an inclusive society that promotes equal opportunities for all.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is the Hyundai Samarth initiative?

    The Hyundai Samarth initiative is an inclusive mobility project aimed at creating awareness and enabling people with disabilities in India. It seeks to build a more aware and sensitized society towards physical challenges.

    2. How is Hyundai promoting inclusivity?

    Hyundai is partnering with NGOs, media networks, and organizations to create a mass movement towards inclusivity. They are also revamping their dealerships and workshops to improve accessibility, developing innovative solutions, and supporting para-athletes and visually impaired individuals.

    3. What is the goal of the Samarth initiative?

    The Samarth initiative aims to turn the world into a level-playing field for all by leveraging technology, partnerships, product innovations, and storytelling. Hyundai aims to create a more equitable and sensitized society for differently-abled individuals, allowing them to see their true capabilities.

    4. How will Hyundai ensure equal online access for all?

    Hyundai is actively working to make its website differently-abled friendly, ensuring equal online access for all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities.

    5. What is Hyundai’s timeline for improving accessibility?

    Hyundai is committed to making 100% of its dealerships and workshops wheelchair accessible by February 2024. This initiative will significantly enhance ease of access for differently-abled individuals.