Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    National Cheeseburger Day: Celebrate with Deals and Discounts

    National Cheeseburger Day is just around the corner, falling on Monday, September 18th. While the origins of the cheeseburger may be debated, Denver holds a special place in the history of this beloved sandwich. In 1935, Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver was awarded a trademark for the name “cheeseburger.” Whether or not this is the true birthplace of the cheeseburger, one thing remains certain – people all over the world love sinking their teeth into a juicy cheeseburger.

    What makes a cheeseburger so irresistible? The combination of a soft bun, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, pickles, cheese, and a succulent patty creates a mouthwatering experience. Customize it further with a variety of condiments and different types of cheeses to make it uniquely yours.

    To make National Cheeseburger Day even more special, many restaurants are offering deals and discounts. Here are a few to look out for:

    Applebee’s is offering three classic burgers – Classic Burger, Classic Cheeseburger, and Classic Bacon Cheeseburger – for just $8.99 each. This offer is available for dine-in, through Applebee’s website or mobile app, and is not valid on third-party delivery sites.

    Burger King is treating their Royal Perks loyalty members to a free cheeseburger with a minimum purchase of $1. This offer is only available through the BK app. Additionally, loyalty members can enjoy free any size fries every week until the end of 2023. Unfortunately, these offers cannot be combined in the same transaction.

    Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard is offering free delivery for National Cheeseburger Day on orders placed directly through their website or app. This offer is not valid with third-party delivery services.

    Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day by indulging yourself with these delicious deals. Enjoy the satisfaction of biting into a flavorful cheeseburger, knowing that you are getting the best value for your money.

    – MileHighontheCheap.com