Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
    New Menu Surprise: Dog Food on China Eastern Airlines Business Class

    Chinese airline, China Eastern Airlines, has recently caused a stir among its business class passengers with a rather unexpected menu item – imported dog food. A photo of the menu was shared on social media by passenger Conrad Wu, sparking a flurry of reactions and comments.

    The photo revealed that the menu offered an unusual starter of “imported dog food with okra.” Wu, perplexed by the inclusion of such a dish, turned to his Facebook followers for answers, inciting over 1000 reactions and numerous shares and comments.

    While some passengers jokingly suggested that it reflected how the airlines treated their customers, with business class passengers receiving imported dog food while economy class passengers were served domestic dog food, others surmised that it might have been a result of a mistranslation or a typo. One commenter humorously blamed Google Translate, while another proposed that the intended term might have been “hot dog.”

    However, the true nature of the dish remains unclear. The Independent, intending to shed light on the matter, reached out to China Eastern Airlines for clarification but received no response.

    While China Eastern Airlines’ faux pas may have garnered attention this time, it is not the first airline meal blunder to amuse passengers. Just earlier this year, a business class traveler on Japan Airlines received nothing more than a single banana accompanied by a pair of chopsticks for their vegan breakfast.

    Meanwhile, Air New Zealand is taking a different approach by revamping its food and beverage selection for its Business Premiere passengers. The updated menus, set to launch in September or October 2024, will highlight more New Zealand suppliers and locally-sourced ingredients, aiming to provide an enhanced dining experience for its premium customers.

    In the ever-evolving world of airline meals, surprises are bound to happen, whether they involve dog food or exotic fruit platters. One thing is for certain – these faux pas will continue to entertain and spark discussions among travelers worldwide.


    Q: Was the inclusion of dog food on the menu intentional?

    A: The true intentions behind the inclusion of dog food on China Eastern Airlines’ business class menu remain unclear, with some speculating it may be the result of a translation error or a typo.

    Q: Has China Eastern Airlines responded to the incident?

    A: At the time of writing, China Eastern Airlines has not yet responded to requests for comment regarding the menu item.

    Q: Are there similar stories of unusual airline meal offerings?

    A: Yes, airline meal blunders have occasionally made headlines, with examples such as a passenger receiving a single banana as their meal on a Japan Airlines flight. These incidents often spur amusement and discussion among travelers.