Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    The Kaido Racer-Inspired Mazda MX5 “Chimera” Wins Hot Wheels Competition

    Chris Watson, a car enthusiast from Kaiwaka, New Zealand, recently earned a global victory in the prestigious Hot Wheels Legends Tour. His highly-modified Mazda MX5 from 1990, affectionately named “Chimera,” captivated judges with its unique blend of Japanese ‘Kaido Racer’ car culture and futuristic cyberpunk design elements.

    Watson’s creation, which emerged from his humble shed, boasts several striking features. A custom-made carbon fibre shark fin spoiler commands attention, accompanied by 100mm fender flares crafted specifically for this one-of-a-kind vehicle. The rear of the car features a futuristic light bar, adding to its dystopian charm. The interior received a cyberpunk-inspired makeover, showcasing vibrant LED lighting, a smoked-acrylic switch panel, and a custom-mounted “cyberdeck” positioned over the passenger seat.

    This win holds great personal significance for Watson, who expressed his delight with the outcome. He aims to inspire others to unleash their own creativity, regardless of resources or barriers. Watson believes that one does not require a fancy shop or a massive budget to build something extraordinary. His victory serves as a testament to the power of determination and innovation in the world of automotive customization.

    Ted Wu, the vice-president and global head of design for vehicles at Mattel, applauded Watson’s achievement, stating that it perfectly aligns with the spirit of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. Wu emphasized the inspirational nature of Watson’s journey, traveling from rural New Zealand to securing a place in the revered Hot Wheels Garage of Legends. Chimera will be immortalized as a 1:64-scale die-cast Hot Wheels vehicle and proudly stand among the elite in the Garage of Legends.


    1. What is the Hot Wheels Legends Tour?

    The Hot Wheels Legends Tour is an annual global competition that showcases unique, custom-built vehicles. Car enthusiasts from around the world participate in the event, vying for the opportunity to have their creations transformed into Hot Wheels die-cast models and displayed in the prestigious Garage of Legends.

    2. What is a Kaido Racer?

    Kaido Racer refers to a style of modified car prevalent in Japan. It draws inspiration from the “bosozoku” subculture, featuring extravagant body modifications, enlarged fender flares, and aftermarket accessories. Kaido Racers are known for their intense visual appeal and aggressive stance.

    3. What is cyberpunk design?

    Cyberpunk design is an aesthetic style influenced by futuristic and dystopian themes. It often incorporates elements of advanced technology, neon lighting, industrial machinery, and a gritty, urban atmosphere. Cyberpunk design is frequently associated with science fiction literature and films, such as Blade Runner and The Matrix.