Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    British Supermarket Chain Removes Self-Checkout Kiosks to Prioritize Customer Service

    In a refreshing move that prioritizes personal interactions, British supermarket chain Booths has decided to remove nearly all of its self-checkout kiosks in response to valuable customer feedback. This upscale grocery store chain, with most of its 28 locations in northern England, is taking a stand against the self-checkout trend that seems to be sweeping the retail industry. While competitors like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have heavily invested in self-checkouts to reduce costs, Booths is opting for a different approach.

    Nigel Murray, the managing director of Booths, highlighted the importance of human connection in serving customers effectively. “We like to talk to people, and we’re really proud that we’re moving largely to a place where our customers are served by people, by human beings,” he stated. By removing self-checkouts, the supermarket aims to create an environment where customers feel valued and personally attended to.

    Murray acknowledged the drawbacks of self-checkouts, which include slow and unreliable service, as well as the impersonal nature of the experience. Booths prioritizes excellent customer service and believes that this cannot be achieved through automated systems. “We pride ourselves on great customer service, and you can’t do that through a robot,” Murray added.

    While the decision to remove most self-checkout kiosks reflects Booths’ commitment to superior customer service, the supermarket will continue to offer the convenience of self-checkouts at its busiest locations, such as those in the popular tourist destination of the Lake District. This allows the company to strike a balance between personal interactions and efficient service during peak hours.

    In a retail landscape where self-checkouts have become ubiquitous, Booths’ decision stands out as a refreshing approach that puts people before artificial intelligence. By listening to customer feedback and prioritizing personal interactions, the supermarket aims to create an exceptional shopping experience that sets it apart from its competitors.


    1. Why is Booths removing self-checkout kiosks?
    Booths is removing self-checkout kiosks based on customer feedback that highlighted issues with slow and unreliable service, as well as a desire for more personal interactions with staff.

    2. Will any self-checkout kiosks remain at Booths?
    Booths will be keeping self-checkout kiosks at its busiest stores, particularly those located in tourist-heavy areas like the Lake District.

    3. How does Booths believe this move will improve customer service?
    By prioritizing human interactions over automated systems, Booths aims to create a shopping experience where customers feel valued and personally attended to, enhancing overall customer service.