Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
    OpenAI Employees Show Support for Former CEO, Greg Altman, with Heart Emojis

    In a recent turn of events, OpenAI employees took to social media to show their support for former CEO Greg Altman by posting heart emojis. This unusual display of affection by the employees sparked curiosity among the tech community and raised questions about the reasons behind it.

    Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Altman had been asked to return to OpenAI by the board that previously fired him. This surprising development had evidently stirred up strong emotions among the employees, resulting in a wave of heart emojis flooding Twitter and other platforms.

    While the use of heart emojis may seem like a simple gesture, multiple sources close to the matter have indicated that it held a deeper meaning. These sources suggested that the action was intended to signal to the board those employees who were willing to follow Altman to a new company. It seems that many individuals within OpenAI felt a strong allegiance to Altman and were willing to leave the organization to continue working under his leadership.

    The departure of Altman has also led to speculation regarding the future direction of OpenAI. With a significant number of employees indicating their willingness to leave, it remains to be seen how this will impact the company’s operations and long-term goals.

    In conclusion, the posting of heart emojis by OpenAI employees in support of Greg Altman signifies a strong emotional connection and loyalty towards the former CEO. This unexpected display of affection has caused ripples within the organization, potentially leading to significant changes in the company’s structure. The tech community eagerly awaits further developments in this intriguing saga.


    Q: Why did OpenAI employees post heart emojis?
    A: OpenAI employees posted heart emojis to show their support for former CEO Greg Altman, who was asked to return to the company by the board that previously fired him.

    Q: What does the use of heart emojis symbolize?
    A: The use of heart emojis was meant to signal to the board which employees were willing to leave OpenAI to join Altman at a new company.

    Q: How might this impact OpenAI?
    A: The strong emotional connection and potential departure of a significant number of employees may lead to significant changes in OpenAI’s operations and long-term goals.