Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Ola Introduces Electric Bike Taxis in Bengaluru

    Ola cabs, a leading cab aggregator firm, has announced the launch of its electric bike taxi services in Bengaluru. The company, which previously operated regular bike taxis in the city, is now introducing electric scooters as part of its fleet. Ola’s S1 electric scooters will be available for hire as bike taxis in Bengaluru, offering last-mile connectivity for commuters.

    The price for Ola’s bike taxi services is set at ₹25 for a 5-kilometer ride and ₹50 for a 10-kilometer ride. In a social media post, Bhavish Aggarwal, the co-founder and CEO of Ola, expressed his excitement about restarting bike taxis in Bengaluru, highlighting the eco-friendly nature of the new electric scooters.

    While Ola’s initiative has been well-received by the public, there have been concerns raised by the cab and auto associations in Bengaluru. These associations have been demanding a ban on bike taxis, claiming that they pose safety risks, particularly for women. They also argue that bike taxis operating with white board registration plates are illegal. In some instances, auto drivers have even been reported attacking bike taxi drivers from other platforms.

    The government of Karnataka has stated that any decision to ban bike taxis would need to go through the proper legal procedures. The transport minister, Ramalinga Reddy, has acknowledged the concerns raised by auto and taxi drivers, and has expressed a commitment to addressing their issues. It is important to note that Karnataka already has an electric bike taxi policy in place, aimed at improving last-mile connectivity in Bengaluru.

    – ByPathi Venkata Thadhagath, “Ola goes all electric, restarts bike taxi services with S1 scooters in Bengaluru” (article not available)
    – Definitions:
    – Cab aggregator: a company that connects passengers with drivers through a digital platform.
    – Last-mile connectivity: transportation services that bridge the gap between a transit point (e.g., a bus or train station) and the passenger’s final destination.
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