Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Apple CEO Tim Cook Discusses Environmental Goals, Twitter Usage, and Texas Expansion in Interview

    In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed various topics including Apple’s environmental goals, the company’s continued usage of Twitter, and its corporate expansion in Texas.

    Regarding Apple’s decision to advertise on Twitter, despite criticism and concerns about antisemitism on the platform, Cook stated that while there are certain aspects of Twitter that he doesn’t like, he believes it serves as an important platform for discourse and acts as a town square. He condemned antisemitism and emphasized that there is no place for it. Cook acknowledged that Apple constantly evaluates its presence on Twitter.

    The interview also touched on Apple’s expansion in Texas, where there have been controversial legislative decisions related to abortion, transgender rights, and LGBTQ+ issues. Cook affirmed that despite differing opinions, Apple believes in treating everyone with dignity and respect. He stated that the company is committed to being part of the community and advocating for change rather than disengaging.

    Furthermore, the interview highlighted Apple’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, which was a central theme of the recent Apple event, “Wonderlust.” Cook emphasized that Apple’s environmental efforts are driven by a desire to lead by example and create economic opportunities that others can replicate. Apple’s Vice President, Kristina Raspe, explained the company’s focus on offsetting the carbon footprint associated with device electricity usage through renewable energy.

    In addition to these topics, the interview briefly mentioned Apple’s upcoming product, Vision Pro, scheduled for release in early 2024. Cook also shared that he used Apple’s headset to watch the entire third season of Ted Lasso.

    Overall, this interview provided insights into Apple’s stance on important issues such as environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and its approach to engaging in platforms like Twitter.

    Source: CBS News