Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Britvic Ireland to Invest €6m in Ballygowan Facility to Expand Production Capacity

    Britvic Ireland, the country’s largest domestic producer of soft drinks, is set to invest €6m in its Ballygowan facility in Newcastle West Co. Limerick. The aim is to increase the site’s production capacity by over 20% and meet the growing demand for Ballygowan mineral water. Once completed, the expansion will allow for an additional capacity of 50 million bottles and will result in the creation of 28 new jobs.

    Ballygowan has been produced and bottled in Newcastle West since 1984 and was acquired by Britvic Ireland in 2007. In recent years, consumer demand for Ballygowan products has seen double-digit volume growth compared to pre-COVID levels. To meet this demand and enhance the sustainability of their operations, Britvic Ireland made a €2m investment in 2021 to enable the production of bottles from recyclable plastic (rPET).

    Currently, 70% of soft drinks consumed in Ireland are imported, while the remaining 30% are domestically manufactured. Of this domestic production, Britvic Ireland alone accounts for 28%. In addition to Ballygowan, the company also produces other popular brands such as MiWadi, Club, Cidona, Pepsi, and 7UP.

    Kevin Donnelly, the managing director of Britvic Ireland, expressed his excitement about the investment, stating that it will create new job opportunities, increase bottling capacity, enhance production capabilities, and strengthen the site’s sustainability credentials. Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney, also praised the investment, highlighting its support for the growth and sustainability of Ballygowan, one of Ireland’s most well-known water brands.

    Overall, the €6m investment by Britvic Ireland in the Ballygowan facility will not only boost production capacity but also contribute to the local economy and the wider Newcastle West community.

    – Global Drinks Insights.