Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    BMW Plans to Release Electric Wagon Version of Next 3 Series

    BMW has announced its commitment to offering a wagon body style in the next-generation 3 Series, which is set to launch in 2025. The lineup will be split into two versions: a petrol model based on the current car’s underpinnings, and an electric version on a new electric-car platform known as Neue Klasse. Insiders suggest that both versions will spawn wagon variants in 2026, alongside or shortly after the sedans are released. These wagons may remain in production until 2034 or 2035, as BMW aims to cater to the demand for both petrol and electric vehicles.

    To preview the design of the electric 3 Series, BMW unveiled the Vision Neue Klasse concept at the recent Munich motor show. A digital artist has been commissioned to create an illustration of what a showroom-ready wagon based on this concept could look like. The Neue Klasse platform, which will be used for the electric 3 Series, has been designed to support new-generation battery cells and up to four electric motors.

    According to a reputable BMW insider, the ‘NA0’ BMW i3 sedan and ‘NA1’ BMW i3 Touring are planned for production in Germany and Mexico. These cars will be built on the Neue Klasse platform, which will also underpin the successor to the BMW iX3 electric SUV. This platform is expected to offer a dual-platform strategy similar to the 3 Series, with petrol and diesel versions available alongside the electric model.

    With this move, BMW aims to provide customers with a choice between petrol and electric power as long as there is demand for both. The introduction of an electric wagon will offer consumers greater versatility and options within the 3 Series range.

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