Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
    Fewer Than 550 Customers Remain Without Power in New Brunswick

    New Brunswick experienced power outages on Sunday morning, leaving more than 5,400 N.B. Power customers in the dark. However, N.B. Power swiftly addressed the issue, and by late afternoon, the number of customers without electricity had significantly decreased to fewer than 550.

    The majority of affected customers were located in the Shediac-Cap-Pelé region, with a total of five outages affecting 4,543 households. Additionally, the Northumberland-Miramichi region experienced two outages, resulting in the loss of power for approximately 900 customers.

    According to N.B. Power spokesperson Dominique Couture, two of the outages were planned for maintenance purposes. Although unplanned power outages can be inconvenient, routine maintenance is essential to ensure a reliable and efficient electrical grid in the long term.

    N.B. Power has been working diligently to restore power to all affected customers. Thorough investigation and prompt action have helped resolve the outages and mitigate any potential disruptions. As a result, the majority of customers now have their electricity restored, and the remaining cases are being addressed with urgency.

    While power outages can occur for various reasons, N.B. Power strives to minimize their impact on customers’ daily lives. Through continuous improvement in infrastructure and maintenance practices, N.B. Power aims to enhance the resilience of the electrical grid, reducing the frequency and duration of outages.


    Q: What caused the power outages in New Brunswick?
    A: The specific cause of the power outages has not been mentioned in the article. However, two of the outages were planned for maintenance purposes.

    Q: How many customers were affected by the power outages?
    A: Over 5,400 N.B. Power customers were initially affected by the power outages. The number was substantially reduced to fewer than 550 by late afternoon.

    Q: Which regions were most impacted by the power outages?
    A: The Shediac-Cap-Pelé region experienced the majority of the outages, affecting 4,543 households. The Northumberland-Miramichi region also experienced two outages, resulting in the loss of power for around 900 customers.