Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
    Lost in Translation: Mistranslated Menu Item Sparks Controversy on China Eastern Airlines

    Airline food has long been the subject of jokes and criticism, but a recent mishap on a China Eastern Airlines flight takes it to a whole new level. A photo taken by a passenger in business class shows a menu with various appetizing options like beef, seafood, and soup. However, one particular item in the English translation has raised eyebrows and ignited a social media storm. The menu offers a starter called “imported dog food with okra.”

    The photo, shared by Conrad Wu on Facebook, quickly went viral, receiving thousands of reactions and comments. People were puzzled and amused at the bizarre menu item. Some speculated that it was a case of mistranslation, while others joked about the airline treating its passengers like dogs. The image made its way to Reddit as well, where users playfully remarked on the distinction between imported and domestic dog food.

    Despite the buzz, it remains unclear what dish the mistranslated menu item refers to. The Independent has reached out to China Eastern Airlines for clarification, but no response has been received yet.

    This incident is not the first time airline food has made headlines for the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, Japan Airlines introduced an “Ethical Choice MealSkip Option,” encouraging passengers to forgo in-flight meals for sustainability reasons. And in a rather disastrous scenario, a business class passenger on a flight to Japan received a vegan breakfast consisting of a single banana and a pair of chopsticks.

    While this translation mishap may seem amusing, it highlights the importance of accurate and reliable translation services, especially for international companies catering to a diverse range of customers. The incident serves as a reminder for businesses to double-check translations to avoid unintended consequences and comical mix-ups.

    Q: What was the mistranslated menu item on the China Eastern Airlines flight?
    A: The menu item in question was “imported dog food with okra.”

    Q: How did people react to the menu item?
    A: The photo went viral on social media, receiving thousands of comments and reactions. People were puzzled, amused, and made jokes about the airline’s treatment of passengers.

    Q: What other incidents involving airline food have made headlines?
    A: Japan Airlines introduced an “Ethical Choice MealSkip Option” to promote sustainability, and a vegan passenger received a breakfast consisting of a single banana and chopsticks.