Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Frustration and Inconvenience: Traffic Jam at Auckland Shopping Centre Causes Chaos

    Shoppers at Westfield Newmarket in Auckland experienced a nightmarish traffic jam, leading to frustration and long wait times as they tried to leave the shopping centre. The incident, which occurred on Sunday afternoon, resulted in some individuals being stuck in their cars for up to three hours.

    While traffic congestion is never a pleasant experience, the extent of the delays at the shopping centre left many perplexed. Newsreader Nicky Styris from AM revealed that her daughter was among those trapped in the traffic, highlighting just how problematic the situation was.

    The discussion among AM hosts shed light on the various viewpoints surrounding the incident. Co-host Ryan Bridge deemed the story as “a little bit much” and downplayed the severity of the situation. However, Styris quickly challenged him, emphasizing the difficulties they faced.

    One specific incident that sparked debate was the case of a woman who reportedly wet herself while waiting in the queue. While some hosts found humor in the situation, fellow co-host Melissa Chan-Green expressed sympathy, acknowledging that everyone’s circumstances may be different.

    The layout of the multi-storey car park at Westfield Newmarket was also broached during the discussion. Styris criticized its design, claiming that it can be a confusing and stressful experience for visitors.

    AM viewers shared their thoughts on the matter, with some suggesting that those stuck in traffic are the cause of the congestion themselves. However, another viewer defended the shoppers, highlighting the challenges they face when carrying parcels, groceries, and accompanying small children.

    Westfield’s head office reportedly attributed the delays to heavy traffic on Broadway, exacerbating the situation for those trying to leave the mall.

    While this incident serves as a reminder of the inconveniences faced by shoppers and the need for efficient traffic management, it also raises questions about the accessibility and design of shopping center parking facilities. Going forward, it is crucial for malls to prioritize the smooth flow of traffic and consider the convenience and comfort of their visitors.


    1. How long were shoppers stuck in the traffic at the Westfield Newmarket shopping centre?

    Shoppers were forced to wait in their cars for up to three hours on Sunday afternoon.

    2. Why couldn’t the woman who wet herself use the bathroom at the mall?

    The specific circumstances of the woman in question are unclear, and it is unknown why she did not leave her vehicle to use the bathroom at the mall.

    3. What was the cause of the traffic jam at Westfield Newmarket?

    Westfield’s head office reportedly attributed the delays to heavy traffic on Broadway, which impacted the flow of vehicles exiting the mall.