Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    Introducing the Exciting New MINI Cooper SE: Electrifying Performance and Striking Design

    The latest addition to the MINI family, the MINI Cooper SE with the John Cooper Works package, has made a stunning debut in Bulgaria. With its eye-catching Chili Red roof and a bold rear wing, this electric MINI variant is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Not only does it offer a glimpse into the future visual direction of MINI JCW models, but it also brings electrifying performance to the forefront.

    The new MINI Cooper SE comes with several distinctive features that set it apart from its counterparts. The front grille frame and logo shine in high-gloss black, adding a touch of sophistication. The JCW bonnet stripes, available in Chili Red or black, further enhance the vehicle’s visual appeal. At the rear, you’ll find a sporty spoiler, a sizable diffuser insert, and redesigned Union Jack taillights, all contributing to the car’s dynamic and athletic look.

    Underneath the stylish exterior lies a powerful electric motor. With 218 horsepower, this MINI accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds, effortlessly executing intermediate sprints and overtaking maneuvers. The 49.2 kWh net capacity lithium-ion battery, positioned in the car’s floor for a low center of gravity, ensures the MINI Cooper SE retains its signature agility. It also provides an electric range of 385 to 402 kilometers, making it suitable for the typical usage patterns of most MINI drivers.

    In addition to its impressive performance, the MINI Cooper SE with the John Cooper Works trim offers great value for its price. Priced around 50,000 euros, this sporty city car delivers on both style and substance. While it may not currently be available in the U.S., there are hopes that production will expand to the UK plant in Oxford, opening doors for more drivers to experience its electrifying charm.


    Q: What is the horsepower of the new MINI Cooper SE?
    A: The new MINI Cooper SE boasts 218 horsepower.

    Q: What is the electric range of the MINI Cooper SE?
    A: The MINI Cooper SE has an electric range of 385 to 402 kilometers.

    Q: Does the electric MINI retain its agility?
    A: Yes, the placement of its lithium-ion battery ensures the MINI Cooper SE maintains its agile handling.

    Q: What is the price of the MINI Cooper SE?
    A: The MINI Cooper SE is priced around 50,000 euros.