Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    General Motors’ Cruise Chief Product Officer Resigns Amidst Company Turbulence

    General Motors’ (GM) Cruise co-founder and chief product officer, Daniel Kan, has announced his resignation, marking another major leadership departure for the self-driving taxi maker. This news came just a day after Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt also stepped down. The company did not provide any specific details about Kan’s departure, but it was communicated in a Slack message to employees.

    During his tenure at Cruise, Kan witnessed the company achieve impressive milestones, including serving 10,000 rides per week. In his message to employees, he expressed confidence that Cruise would continue to achieve such accomplishments in the future.

    However, these recent resignations come at a tumultuous time for Cruise. The company is currently undergoing a safety review of its U.S. fleet, following an October accident involving a self-driving taxi and a pedestrian. This incident prompted Cruise to temporarily suspend testing and conduct a thorough safety assessment.

    Cruise’s challenges not only affect the company itself but also have broader implications for the autonomous vehicle industry. Public trust and cooperation from regulators are crucial for the advancement and widespread adoption of self-driving technologies. Cruise had been aiming to expand its operations to more cities, offering fully autonomous taxi rides. However, these plans might now be delayed or altered as a result of the safety review and leadership changes.

    While Kan did not provide further explanation for his resignation, Vogt took responsibility for the company’s current situation. In an email to staff, he acknowledged the ongoing troubles and expressed his commitment to resolving them.

    General Motors’ Cruise unit is now in the process of restructuring its leadership team, appointing a new chief administrative officer and a third-party safety officer. The company is working diligently to regain public trust and ensure the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles.


    Who resigned from General Motors’ Cruise?
    Daniel Kan, co-founder and chief product officer, announced his resignation from General Motors’ Cruise.

    Why did Daniel Kan resign from General Motors’ Cruise?
    No specific details were provided about the reason behind Daniel Kan’s resignation.

    What is Cruise currently undergoing?
    Cruise is undergoing a safety review of its U.S. fleet following an accident involving a self-driving taxi and a pedestrian.

    Who else stepped down from Cruise recently?
    Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt also resigned from his position.

    What are the implications of Cruise’s challenges?
    Cruise’s challenges impact the autonomous vehicle industry as a whole, affecting public trust and regulatory cooperation. The company’s ambitious expansion plans may also be delayed or altered.