Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    New Labor Contract Ratified Across Detroit Three Automakers

    In a major development for the American automotive industry, the United Auto Workers (UAW) officially announced on Monday that the new labor contract has been ratified across the Detroit Three automakers. The contracts, which have been overwhelmingly approved by the UAW members at Ford, General Motors (GM), and Stellantis, mark a significant milestone in the ongoing negotiations between the union and the automakers.

    Under the ratified contracts, the UAW has been able to secure a range of provisions and benefits for its members. One of the key victories for the union is the restoration of important provisions that were lost during the Great Recession, including cost-of-living adjustments (COLA), annual bonuses for retirees, and the elimination of wage tiers. These provisions are crucial in improving the overall compensation and working conditions for the autoworkers.

    Additionally, the contracts will provide substantial compensation increases for the workers, with some of the lowest-paid employees experiencing wage increases of over 160% over the 4.5 years of the contract. The agreements also include a three-year wage progression to the top pay rate, down from eight years, ensuring fair wages and opportunities for advancement.

    Furthermore, the contracts have resulted in significant gains for the workers in terms of job security and future opportunities. Stellantis, in particular, has committed to reopening an assembly plant and building a battery plant, which will create thousands of new union jobs. The UAW has also secured commitments from all three automakers to bring electric vehicle (EV) and battery jobs under the union’s national agreements, paving the way for increased employment in the growing EV industry.

    Overall, the ratified contracts represent a significant achievement for the UAW and its members, signaling a turning point for the American autoworker. By standing united and utilizing targeted strikes and advocacy campaigns, the UAW has been able to secure better wages, improved benefits, and job opportunities for its members. This success sets a powerful precedent for the union’s future efforts to expand its membership and advocate for the rights of workers in other industries.


    1. What does the ratified labor contract entail?

    The ratified labor contract includes provisions such as cost-of-living adjustments, annual bonuses for retirees, the elimination of wage tiers, and compensation increases ranging from 33% to over 160% over the 4.5 years of the contract.

    2. What are the key victories for the United Auto Workers?

    Some of the key victories for the UAW include the restoration of provisions lost during the Great Recession, a three-year wage progression to the top pay rate, commitments from automakers to bring EV and battery jobs under the union’s agreements, and the reopening of an assembly plant.

    3. How will the ratified contracts benefit autoworkers?

    The ratified contracts will result in improved compensation, job security, and opportunities for advancement for autoworkers. They will also ensure fair wages, better benefits, and the creation of new union jobs in the EV industry.