Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Heather Altman: A Doting Mom Juggling Work and Family

    Heather Altman, the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent, is not only expanding her real estate empire but also taking on the role of a dedicated mom. Through her Instagram page, she proudly shares glimpses of her life with her two children, Lexi and Ace, whom she shares with her husband, Josh Altman. From back-to-school moments to birthday parties, Halloween festivities, and Hanukkah celebrations, Heather provides updates on her family’s adventures.

    Recently, Heather shared an inside look at her family’s Labor Day Weekend, revealing a cute fact about her youngest child, Ace. In an Instagram Story, she captured Ace pushing a tiny broom across their backyard patio. Heather captioned the post by saying, “Ace is going to be the perfect husband, always helping with housework and telling me and Lexi how beautiful we are. Just love him.”

    Continuing to document their family activities, Heather uploaded another video of Ace engaging in outdoor projects, including building a “waterproof tent” and expressing his desire to add another swing to their backyard swing set. The Altmans also enjoy quality family time by having cozy movie nights at home. In one video, they can be seen snuggled up with their dog and stuffed animals, while Heather and London sport matching pajama sets.

    Beyond her role as a mother, Heather made headlines in 2022 when she was appointed as the CEO of The Altman Brothers, a real estate brokerage firm co-founded by her husband and his brother. In an interview, she discussed the challenges of balancing her work and family life, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    Heather Altman is not only a successful real estate agent but also a loving and devoted mother, cherishing every moment with her children while excelling in her career.

    – Instagram: A popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos.
    – Labor Day: A public holiday celebrated in the United States to honor the contributions of workers.
    – Hanukkah: A Jewish holiday that commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.
    – CEO: Chief Executive Officer, the highest-ranking executive in a company.
    – Website affiliated with the Bravo television network.

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