Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Joby Aviation to Create 2,000 Jobs and Build Manufacturing Facility in Dayton

    Joby Aviation, an electric aircraft company, has announced plans to create 2,000 jobs and build a manufacturing facility in the Dayton region. The facility, which will be located at the Dayton International Airport, will manufacture, test, and fly electric air taxis for commercial passenger operations. Construction is set to begin next year, with the facility expected to be operational by 2025.

    This announcement marks a significant milestone for Dayton, known as the birthplace of aviation with the Wright brothers’ first flight. Jeff Hoagland, President and CEO of Dayton Development Coalition, expressed his pride in the city’s aviation heritage and its return to manufacturing roots. He emphasized the importance of the proximity to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which has driven collaboration with companies like Joby Aviation.

    The 2,000 jobs created by Joby will include a mix of manufacturing and engineering positions. The goal is not only to provide employment opportunities for the local community but also to attract talent from other states. This investment by Joby is expected to have a positive economic impact, with other companies likely to be drawn to the region.

    Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted highlighted the significance of this project for the Dayton region. He emphasized that Dayton will not only be the home of aviation history but also the future of aviation. The electric air taxis, capable of carrying up to four passengers with a range of 100 miles, are seen as the future of transportation.

    Governor Mike DeWine praised Joby Aviation for launching a new era in advanced aviation manufacturing and aerial mobility. He believes that the production of these next-generation aircraft in Dayton will redefine urban transportation and transform the way people and goods travel.

    Overall, the decision by Joby Aviation to bring their manufacturing facility to Dayton is seen as a major economic win for the region. It will create jobs, attract other companies, and further strengthen Dayton’s position as a leader in aviation technology.

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