Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Legitimate owners of Kaleuche neighborhood lots take action to prevent illegal commercialization

    In a public statement published in the newspaper Río Negro, one of the trustees of the New Kaleuche Real Estate Trust (FINK) has made it clear that they are the legitimate owners of two thousand lots in the Kaleuche neighborhood. As part of a regularization plan, measures have been announced to disregard any contracts made after August 1.

    The FINK has reported that there are individuals who have commercialized these lots by subscribing to “assignments of possessory rights,” but these lots have owners and have been subject to a judicial process. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that those who commercialize the lots have no legal rights over them and intend to deceive others by presenting false or non-existent records.

    Emphasis has been placed on the fact that the lots are affected by a precautionary measure which reflects their status, and it is suggested that those interested in purchasing a lot should contact a trusted professional to verify the truthfulness of the presented records and request a property ownership report from the Real Estate Property Registry.

    Regarding legal actions, it has been reported that criminal proceedings are underway against those who continue to dispose of the FINK’s assets, and it has been made clear that any contract made after August 1 will not be recognized for the purposes of the regularization plan.

    Reviewing the documentation has demonstrated the legitimacy of the FINK as the owner of the mentioned lots. A judgment was rendered in 2013 determining that the lots belong to Juan Claudio Chavanne’s assets, subsequently ratified by the Commercial Chamber. Furthermore, Juan Claudio Chavanne’s bankruptcy was lifted in May 2023, and he has transferred all rights to the FINK as part of the process. Currently, the lots are owned by the FINK and will be registered with the Property Registry.

    In conclusion, the legitimate owners of the lots in the Kaleuche neighborhood are taking action to stop illegal commercialization and regularize the situation. Interested parties who wish to acquire a lot are advised to verify the legality of the presented records, and it has been informed that the FINK has regularization plans available, but with a deadline until September 30 of this year.

    – Diario Río Negro