Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
    Mitchell to Hold Live Auction for Lake Lots

    The city of Mitchell, South Dakota is preparing for a live auction of seven vacant lots along Lake Mitchell. Originally, the plan was to sell eight lots after a ballot measure was approved by voters in June. However, one lot had to be removed from the auction due to issues with its legal description and boundaries.

    The lot, located along South Harmon Drive, was found to be smaller and laid out differently than city officials had initially thought. The peculiar shape of the lot makes it difficult to build anything on it, as nearly half of the space becomes unusable. As a result, the lot will be replatted in order to make it more suitable for development. However, before it can be sold, it will need to be included in a future ballot due to it being city parkland.

    The remaining seven lots are expected to attract good bids during the auction. Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson hopes that each lot will surpass $100,000, with some lots potentially receiving bids well over that amount. The lots with less tree coverage and clear views of the lake are predicted to be the most desirable.

    Initially, city officials considered using realtors to sell the lots, but they ultimately decided on a live auction at the Corn Palace. The auction will take place in late October.

    Sources: Mitchell Republic