Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Northlake Mall Sues American Eagle for Breaking Lease Agreement

    Northlake Mall, located in Charlotte, is facing yet another store closure as American Eagle has allegedly vacated and abandoned the premises. In response, Spinoso Real Estate Group, the company that operates the mall, has filed a lawsuit against American Eagle, accusing them of breaking their lease agreement.

    According to court documents, American Eagle had recently renewed its lease, as stated in bankruptcy court filings from January. However, the mall claims that the store abruptly left on April 29, without proper notice or adherence to the terms of the lease.

    American Eagle’s departure adds to the list of high-profile tenants that have left Northlake Mall in recent months, including Apple, Buckle, and Michael Kors. Despite these closures, the mall asserts that it is operating at 85% capacity when accounting for temporary stores.

    To address the ongoing challenges, Northlake Mall has implemented new security protocols, including gun-sniffing dogs, cameras, and license plate readers. These measures aim to ensure the safety and well-being of shoppers and businesses within the mall.

    The mall has not yet provided a comment regarding the lawsuit filed against American Eagle. However, it recently welcomed Spirit Halloween to its directory, potentially filling the void left by the departing stores.

    Northlake Mall’s ongoing struggles highlight the challenging retail environment and the need for innovative strategies to attract and retain tenants. As the legal battle with American Eagle unfolds, the mall remains hopeful for a resolution that will benefit all parties involved.

    – Cox Media Group, “Potential Northlake Mall sale pushed back”