Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Nursipalu Military Training Zone Expansion Requires Compulsory Purchase of Properties

    The Nursipalu military training zone in Võru County, Estonia, is set to triple in size, resulting in the compulsory purchase of over 20 properties in the expansion zone. The affected properties are predominantly farmsteads, incorporating both residential and non-residential buildings.

    The first purchase of a residential building within the expansion zone has already been made for close to half-a-million euros, which is nearly five times the market value for similar properties. The Minister of Defense, Hanno Pevkur, expressed gratitude to the property owners for reaching this purchase deal, acknowledging that it was not an easy decision for them.

    The expansion of the Nursipalu training ground is crucial for strengthening national defense and will contribute to the defense capability of Estonia as a whole. As part of the compensation package, property owners will receive a 20 percent incentive fee and a 10 percent bonus for residential buildings. Additionally, selling real estate to the Estonian state exempts the seller from paying capital gains tax.

    The compensation and remuneration for the forced sale of Nursipalu properties will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The defense ministry has stated that property owners will be remunerated above market rates. The minister also expressed a willingness to find suitable solutions with other property owners in the future.

    In addition to compensating property owners, €10 million will be paid to the four local municipalities affected by the expansion. The expanded Nursipalu zone will be used for training activities of the Estonian Defense Forces and Defense League, as well as NATO allies, including the U.S.

    Overall, the expansion of the Nursipalu military training zone is deemed vital for national defense, and efforts will be made to ensure a smooth transition for property owners affected by the compulsory purchase.

    Sources: ERR News