Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    The Last Day of Trading for Latent View Analytics

    On the last day of trading, Latent View Analytics experienced some fluctuations in its stock price. The day started with an open price of ₹429.05 and closed at ₹427.5. Throughout the trading day, the stock reached a high of ₹436.8 and a low of ₹426.1.

    Latent View Analytics, a company in the analytics industry, has a market capitalization of ₹8,752.37 crore. This indicates the total value of the company’s outstanding shares in the market. It’s worth noting that the stock’s 52-week high and low are ₹466.45 and ₹311.1, respectively. These values represent the highest and lowest prices at which the stock has traded over the past year.

    During this trading session, a total volume of 54,956 shares were traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The volume of shares traded gives an indication of the level of investor interest and activity in the stock.

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    – Stock price: the current market price of a share of a company’s stock.
    – Market capitalization: the total value of a company’s outstanding shares in the stock market.
    – 52-week high and low: the highest and lowest prices at which a stock has traded over a 52-week period.
    – Volume of shares traded: the total number of shares bought and sold during a given period of time.

    – MintGenie staff.