Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Rockfield Real Estate hires Juan Manuel Acosta as the new Director of Investments

    Rockfield Real Estate, the Dutch investment, management, and real estate promotion company, has announced the appointment of Juan Manuel Acosta as their new Director of Investments. Acosta, formerly responsible for Spain at Greystar, will lead Rockfield Real Estate’s expansion in Spain.

    Rockfield Real Estate specializes in real estate investment, management, and promotion. By bringing Acosta on board, the company aims to leverage his experience in driving Greystar’s growth in Southern Europe to propel its own expansion in the Spanish market.

    Juan Manuel Acosta brings a wealth of expertise in the real estate sector, particularly in investments and management. During his time at Greystar, he played a crucial role in the company’s growth in Spain, thus gaining a profound understanding of the Spanish real estate market and the investment opportunities it presents.

    With Acosta’s inclusion in their leadership team, Rockfield Real Estate looks forward to strengthening its presence in Spain and capitalizing on the investment opportunities offered by the Spanish real estate market. The company positions itself as a significant player in the industry and aims to generate value through its expertise in real estate investments, management, and promotion of assets.

    Source: Expansión

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    Sources: Expansión