Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    The October Business and Industry Roundtable Focuses on Workforce and Education

    The Cape Coral Business and Industry Roundtable is back and this time it is highlighting the workforce and education industry. The upcoming roundtable session is scheduled for October 20th and is aimed at leaders in this industry. This is a great opportunity for professionals to come together, share their insights, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the workforce and education sector.

    The roundtable sessions are designed to foster collaboration and provide a platform for dialogue among industry leaders. By bringing together professionals from different backgrounds and organizations, the roundtable encourages the exchange of ideas and promotes innovative solutions to common problems. It is an excellent networking opportunity for professionals in the workforce and education industry to expand their connections and form valuable partnerships.

    To participate in the upcoming roundtable session, interested individuals can reach out to Mr. Kramos at [email protected] for more information and registration details. This is an event that should not be missed by those who are passionate about the future of the workforce and education sector in Cape Coral.

    The Cape Coral Business and Industry Roundtable series is an initiative that aims to support and promote various industries in the area. Its focus on the workforce and education industry is a reflection of the importance of this sector in driving economic growth and development. By bringing together leaders and professionals in this field, the roundtable sessions provide a platform for collaboration and idea-sharing, which ultimately benefits the entire community.

    If you are a professional in the workforce and education industry, mark your calendar for October 20th and make sure to attend the Business and Industry Roundtable. It is an opportunity to learn, connect, and contribute to the growth and success of the industry.


    – Roundtable: A discussion or meeting where participants gather to exchange ideas and discuss a particular topic or issue.
    – Workforce and Education Industry: Refers to the sector that focuses on providing education, training, and development opportunities for individuals and preparing them for employment in various industries.
    – Cape Coral: A city located in Southwest Florida, known for its thriving business community and strong economy.

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    – Mr. Kramos, contact email: [email protected]