Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Community Calls for Justice After 13-Year-Old Is Attacked in Lomita McDonald’s

    Family members and community leaders are demanding justice after a 13-year-old girl was brutally attacked and beaten inside a McDonald’s in Lomita, California. The incident, which was captured on a viral video, has left the victim emotionally traumatized and physically bruised.

    The attack occurred when the teenage girl, Kassidy Jones, was exiting the restroom at the restaurant. According to her account, she locked eyes with a woman who appeared upset and claimed that she fights children. Without any provocation, the woman proceeded to pull Kassidy’s hair, forcefully bring her to the ground, and repeatedly strike her.

    Disturbingly, several onlookers witnessed the assault without intervening, while one person eventually stepped in to help. The girl’s mother, Angelina Gray, expressed her distress over the incident, stating that her daughter is struggling emotionally and cannot sleep at night. Kassidy now fears going to school due to the attention and mockery she receives from her peers.

    In response to the attack, Kassidy’s family and community members organized a protest outside the McDonald’s, demanding that the responsible woman turn herself in. They also called for the McDonald’s managers to be held accountable for their inaction in stopping the assault. Gray reiterated her plea for the assailant to take responsibility and called out McDonald’s for their lack of an apology.

    The Los Angeles Police Department has initiated an ongoing investigation into the incident, but no arrests have been made thus far. Efforts to bring awareness to the attack and seek justice for Kassidy continue to gain momentum.

    1. Lomita – a city in California, United States.
    2. Viral video – a video that quickly becomes popular and widely circulated on the internet.

    – The original article by Elena Gomez (source)
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